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    Giant Forest Scorpion for sale | Buy Giant Forest Scorpion In USA

    Heterometrus mysorensis is a large rainforest scorpion in the southwestern part of the Indian Peninsula.

    Its venom is not usually lethal to humans because it has arguably evolved to kill its prey by crushing it with its pincers and not by venom.

    In captivity, we’ve found that they’re quite happy with some bark or cork wood to hide under.

    Appropriately sized Dubia Roaches or Crickets are the ideal food source and should be offered every few days.

    Juvenile: L2 – L3, Sub-adult: L4 – L5, Adult: 15 – 17 cm

    Adult Size: 6 – 6.7” (15 – 17 cm)
    Care Level: Moderate
    Temperature: 77 – 93.2°F (25 – 34°C)
    Humidity: 60 – 70%
    Feeding: Carnivore  Insects
    Life Span: 5 – 12  years

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    Sling, Juvenile, Adult